Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ironically, this took me three attempts to upload too. Thanks for improving my mood Blogger.

Since I seem to get the best praise for the prose I write whilst in a half awake state of consumate hatred for most everything, I figure now's a good time to once again spew social commentary onto my keyboard. If there's one thing worse than an unproductive day where you've achieved nothing except tying some fireworks together and playing a video-game you don't actually enjoy very much, it's having an unproductive day where you've achieved nothing except tying some fireworks together and playing a videogame you don't actually enjoy very much AND have had to deal with a total cock spanner of a window cleaner and a University server crash (presumably because their entire IT department is staffed by howler monkeys).

Fate seems to have a nice sense of humour too- since the ever-stress-relieving past time of squash is denied to me because there are no slots left today. I know there are 25,000 students at this Uni but I didn't realise they apparently all play squash on the same sodding day of the week.

As a result I'm feeling as charming and sociable as Jeffrey Dahmer on a Monday and would quite like to just sit the rest of the day out and wake up tomorrow. That probably sounds pathetic but when the weather outside is bleak and miserable, the news is doleful, you're hungry and don't have enough food in, and every attempt at doing productive activities is met by stubborn refusal from your arch nemesis Your Brain, it all mounts up to a festering deep rooted hatred that not even homicide can satisfy.

If you know what I'm talking about, try a blog. It doesn't make you feel better but at least you can inflict it on other people.

Like playing Justin Bieber really loudly.


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