Saturday, 29 January 2011

You mean you haven't read this yet????

Stop reading now.

There- bet you didn't. I mean, if you did you wouldn't read this bit afterwards. But I bet approximately 100% of you kept reading. I could probably use that as a clever analogy about important socio-political matters. As it is, I just felt like doing it for the hell of it :)

I write to you now (live) from a slightly more positive perspective than usual. As a result I imagine no-one will be the least bit interested in what I have to say. As a random aside, someone on Facebook quipped about how there weren't enough pictures, so I resolve to add more pointless illustrations to help further my unending quest for Blogging perfection.

I'm trying to remove from my vocabulary that awful phrase "YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T SEEN/HEARD [Film/webcomic/song]???"; often delivered with such unnecessary incredulity you want to mash the speaker's face into a cactus. No I haven't, you judgemental sack of organs. Almost as bad is 'You should see/hear....'. I'm sure everyone's perfectly capable of making their own minds up about what they do or do not want forced down their eyesockets or into their earholes. Suggesting stuff is quite innocuous though. So let's try that:

I think you might enjoy The King's Speech.

Where 'you' means everyone over the age of about 15 and with more than a double-figure IQ. And you know what? I don't think I could really say why. The age suggestion is only because of repeated uses of the word 'fuck' (albeit inoffensively). But what should come across as a fetid, limp period-drama about some flouncy royal berk stammering like Gareth Gates instead ends up as a genuinely funny, and perplexingly exciting, tale which you just can't help but enjoy. I guess there is some value to Oscar nominations. 

Oh yeh.... pictures. Here's a picture of a King, in case you're having trouble visualising this at all:
I may make this habit. i can see how illustrations really serve to improve my otherwise stereo-chrome word stack.

In fact, let's continue the trend. Here's some pointless drawings of sea-creatures that look posh:

These are all concept doodles for a cartoon series some compatriots and I had planned which hasn't materialised yet. Hopefully some less-tight scheduling will mean it eventually gets made. I mean... who wouldn't want a bizarre cartoon show about a Gentleman's Society under the sea? I can't think of anyone.

Which is probably a statement about who I associate with.

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