Sunday, 8 March 2009

This won't take long. I need coffee.

SO! Sunday has come round once again and left a distinct bad taste in my mouth (not just the garlic).
Today I've achieved MANY THINGS including:
  1. Leaving my phone at home
  2. Missing my train
  3. Sitting in the cold because of 2.
  4. Getting drenched catching a bus because the train didn't go all the way to Southampton
Despite all this, I'm actually not feeling all that bad. Sure, I'm an idiot, but it could always be worse!
Case in point, I present the excellent FML website.

This tragic place is home to a myriad of short blurbs from poor saps everywhere sharing with the world their tales of misfortune. If you've had a bad day, this'll cheer you up no end.
Now I'm going to have a coffee. Which will cheer me up no end.

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