Thursday, 19 March 2009

Long Time

As you must be able to tell by the relative infrequency of updates, I've actually been fairly successful in beating boredom these last few weeks. At the risk of turning this into a LiveJournal clone, I'll elucidate:
For those of you blessed with living in the United Kingdom of England and Other Less Important Places (UKoEOLIP), you'll have noticed that the weather outside has been very good recently, or, in an English dialect, Pretty Bloody Marvelous (PBM). Consequently, I've been resisting the temptations of the digital era and have been attempting to regress to that beautifully carefree level of humanity where people actually go outside and interact. Frisbee, I think, must be man's single greatest achievement since, before, and during, the invention of sliced bakery products.
Southampton has an absolute myriad of green spaces and it's absolutely amazing being able to slog out of a lecture (or, as in yesterday's case, an exam) and head straight for the nearest patch of grass and start sunning yourself and running around trying to catch a flying disc and doing dog impressions (if that's your thing). Surely this is what University is all about??
Another thing I've found myself doing a lot of, is playing squash. Having paid through the nose, mouth, and ears for "SportRec" membership earlier this year, it seems fitting that I can now use a squash court for free, pretty much whenever I want. Sure the idea is you BOOK one, but no-one turns up to theirs half the time so one is free to court-hop until you're finally kicked off completely.
Anyway, what I'm trying to get across is that there's more to life than sitting in front of a computer (MTLTSIFOAC), and on that note (and owing to the fact that my esteemed neighbour, who happens to be in possesion of the largest sound system in the world, is playing music only a rapper's mother could love) I'm going to finish my stupidly-large washing up load and go catch some vitamin D.
Love and sunshine,

Ps: space enthusiasts, check out the GOCE launch. Go google it or something. Great stuff!

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