Thursday, 16 April 2009

A musing...

I fear, that this little online mind outlet is becoming a non-starter (can you become a non-starter?). It seems my slightly more political ramblings on the "popular social networking site" (say in voice of news reporter) are at present attracting more publicity and a greater readership than this little collection of thoughts. Which is sort of a shame. I know I rant a lot, but I thought for a fleeting moment that people would be interested in the other weird angles of my brain- typed out for all to see.

This seems to not be the case.

I'll give it some time. If I get any comments along the lines of "No! Please! Keep the blog going!" than I shall, failing that, I may have to don the hat of Political Commentator like so so many before me, to ensure I get any attention for my efforts.

But first, I shall eat the stilton and bacon baguette I have under the grill.
Comments please.

Ps: RIP Clement Freud. We'll miss your dulcet tones on Radio 4.

1 comment:

  1. haha, argument is fun, if you keep linking from facebook i will read and deign to comment from time to time in my idealistic leftish way as is my wont.

    anywho vis a vis Ahmadinejad, i think basically the group who walked out got the right reaction, not turning up at all shows some degree of apathy to the process and precious little faith in ahmadinehad. Naturally staying there would leave you to some degree complicit so walking out is probably right. Well thats my tuppence worth