Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Words Not In T9- Or, A deep psychological journey into my brain....

What was going to be a relatively concise rant about how stupid T9 is, has changed into something altogether more sinister.

First of all, just quickly, I'd like to express my infuriation at the particular brand of predictive text in my SGH J700. Don't get me wrong- predictive text is a great concept and saves time. But why, was this brilliant concept tarnished so shamelessly with the brush of idiocy?

Why does my phone give me "nun" before "mum"? Why doesn't it remember that I NEVER use the word 'nun' in text conversation? Why do I have to spell expletives? (Particularly hate that one. By virtue of the fact that you're swearing, in a text, you must be pretty annoyed. Having to manually write the word serves to further exasperate the typee.) Words that I DO type out seem to be forgotten within 5 or 10 texts anyway....

Now that I've got that off my chest, here's the main point of this post.

I've compiled over the last few weeks, a list of (what I consider) obvious words not contained within my phone's T9. I THOUGHT I could use this as a further ranting-implement. Actually, I've ended up with a very weird look at my own personality. Some of the following are completely understandable. Some, I'm struggling to remember why I ever thought of sending them in a text message....

Words not in T9:








aubergine <---(came out as "cubeshines")










I mean.... Kiwi?


What was I thinking?

There's a challenge.

Best implementation of the weirder words in a possible text wins. Entries below please. Bonus for using every word in the list in one vaguely comprehensible example.


  1. haha i agree you would have thought my phone might realise sail is more likely than rail from me
    most especially sailing than railing!

    at the weekend i managed to get wistfully and Vauxhall dealership into tests

  2. hey bruno, or should i say my rastafarian grandad? He, I shouldn't be such a cretin. Claire asked if you wanted tinned kiwi with the aubergine for dinner. Anyway, fuck gotta get on the trampoline before the firelfies come out. Oh btw did i tell you have a new nano hamster called goergie magyar-candelabra

  3. Jamie wins a cake.
    Brilliant hamster name.

  4. I have a Samsung something something too. And it drives me crazy how they think I use the word 'nun' more than the word 'mum'. The only times I have actually used the word nun in a text has been when I have been complaining about the fact that my phone seems to think I use it more often than the word 'mum'! It's something I complain about a lot...

    I also find it annoying how after about a day it forgets words that I've added in. It doesn't seem to have even in the largest British towns in its dictionary! Annoying! I always feel bad about adding swear words to my dictionary...

    I would have had a go at getting all those words in one sentence but I see someone else has already done a pretty good job of it so I won't bother.

    Take care and keep blogging!
    Blue Eyes xx