Sunday, 7 June 2009

Not sure where this one will go

I think a combination of constant revision and occasional indulgence has somewhat hindered my blogging abilities as of late. There's only so much you can write on the joys of Thermodynamics... as I'm sure my physics comrades will agree.
Now that exams are over and freedom is (relatively) within my grasp, I'm once again free to revel in the simple pleasures of the web, laser tag, climbing trees, getting lashed, and general socialising.
Leaving school for the summer signified a well earned break in an otherwise tedious slog through the school term. This is something slightly different. Not only will I severely miss Southampton over the next months, it also won't be complete freeloading over summer. Jobs and house-moving are going to be the next big items of concentration. I also feel a strange compulsion to learn something new. I think I have overactive brain syndrome. The big gap created by the lack of physics to come will have to be filled with some new and (probably) less useful knowledge lest I regress to a state of slobbering idiocy over summer and (god forbid) end up playing WoW or D&D.
Maybe there's a lesson to be learned for those poor folk out there who are aware of their nerdiness and wish to reform: pick a skill, say, poker, and learn it like hell. It'll be more fulfilling, more beneficial in the long run (head to Las Vegas) and ultimately something you can hold a conversation about without your listeners attempting to flee through open windows. 

I think music is always something worth getting into as well. Too often has it been said that one "would love too play [enter instrument here]". Like all things, if you really, REALLY, would "love" too, then get off your arse, sign off of Facebook, turn off the TV, and bloody well learn it. There's no excuse really.
No-one's perfect in this respect. Everyone has things they want to do that really aren't practical or possible in certain circumstances, but if you use the L word, you should be prepared to work for it. Nothing's impossible to get into if you don't want to. Especially if you're at Uni. 
I for example, would like to learn Japanese. Not for any particular purpose, just coz. Fact is though, I don't want to badly enough that I'd give up say, playing guitar, magic, climbing, etc etc. to make room for it.

Hmm... I'm getting bored of this thought thread. Lets try something else.

*Flexes thought muscles*

Nope. Nothing meaningful. In that case, let's drop this in for random value:

This is a pretty appalling video- and I won't grant it the pleasure of a long rant. What I will provide is the following response from a number of famous faces:

Which is most definitely oscar worthy.... that's probably true. If Slumdog can win EIGHT. EIGHT. Did they actually WATCH it? Did they not realise the lead character was as likeable as an Amish Labour politician? I spent the whole film wanting to slap his face just to try and elicit some kind of actual emotional response instead of bland indifference. Clearly he graduated from the Keanu Reeves school of acting....

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