Thursday, 3 December 2009

A collection of juicy snacks from around the web

Not literal snacks, more like, neuro-snacks to help your unending quest for mental nourishment....

Here's a few little gems I've found strewn across the face of the web.

Here's a wonderful little video of some Argentinean lawyers losing it. Wouldn't it be great if all courtrooms were this exciting:

On a completely different note, this is a well renowned blog you can really lose yourself in, if you haven't heard of it, have a look:

Ps: It's also totally hilarious.

This is an nice touch from Google. If you don't understand the joke, tough :)

Continuing on a theme for my campaign against YouTube stupidity, here's a collection of fantastic comments about a certain parody video....

Judge for yourself.

There's another mound of human stupidity under this video, which I personally find hilarious. Credit to the video owner for making them look like morons ^_^

This little exchange under the comments warrants particular recognition:

help me some one there r things comming out of the ground in my back yard im scared they hurt my dog it was barking the yelped as they was near it and it was silent i cant see it anymore they aremoving around they r small they are comming closer im going to leave out the other way
WhatIAm99 (1 month ago)
Perhaps you've been smoking too much ganja, mate.
thecatinthehat111 (1 month ago)
or not enough
3DTyrant (1 month ago)
maybe abit too much weed prehaps?
doom663 (1 month ago)
Ganja? maybe some crack, have you got the wrong prescription? too much xzylothol......and why are you posting it here, anyways? call the cops, if ur telling the truth.
killerberry405 (1 month ago)
what happened then lolz?
CTAT98 (1 month ago)
prairie dogs
google them

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  1. I love the BBC video link! From that I watched loads more videos about punch-ups in Parliament and at important conferences eg in Bolivia and Czech Republic. It's lot more exciting than debating a matter! xx