Monday, 4 January 2010

Chemtrails? That's a new one.

My list of conspiracy theory craziness has grown by one:

This is a lovely little article, as it sums up everything that's wrong with the proponents of the theory without actually meaning too. My two pennies:

Proponents pose theory, scientists (government and independent) refute theory numerous times. Proponent says they are all 'part of conspiracy'. Net result: Proponents will never, ever, ever be able to pull themselves away from their pre-conceived views. Obviously this goes for all conspiracy theories: this one just happened to crop up.

It's a good job scientists aren't this closed minded or we'd have no notable technology at all. Many great discoveries are only due to individual suspension of disbelief- or belief! I pity the man who walks around ever corner, looks at every image, every advert, every aspect of his life as the unseen attempts by some evil government or corporation to purvey their evil gains on the population. It must be a sad existence!

-Neop: Realising the world is more boring than it appears, since 1989 :)

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