Friday, 12 February 2010

A thought from Facebook

It's not often you come across a real intellectual gem in the almost infinitely stupid and ill-conceived ramblings of facebook. We all know how much ignorance and stupidity is spat onto YouTube from the vapid minds of socially retarded internet users, but let's not underestimate the ability of your average facebookee to make a total, utter idiot of themselves by spilling their often racist, biggoted, irrational ideals all over their favourite group and/or Page.

This then, offers hope that there are people out there who aspire to be more than the common ignoramus.

"""Although I'd like to hear more global warming "skeptics" more vocally (1) acknowledge that there are severe climate problems that will need to be dealt with, even if they don't believe they're manmade (2) acknowledge renewable energy technologies are desirable even if they don't believe non-renewable energies are contributing to global warming (3) acknowledge that regulating pollution is desirable for many reasons, even if they don't believe global warming is one of them and (4) actually do more than just acknowledge these things but be active in these causes."""

Truer words were never spoken. I shan't publicise the author of the above, for fear of revealing personal information. But what he says is clearly true, and even Top Gear have shown some degree of recognition of this particular way of thinking. Let us not forget, that despite Herr Klarkson's continuous denial of climate change, Top Gear has on several occasions made realistic and sensible recommendations on saving petrol, on the viability of Hydrogen fuel cells, and cars which appear to be more 'green' than they actually are (case in point, Toyota Prius... which averaged a poor 45mpg when he took it for a road test). When they reviewed the Tesla, they didn't have a problem with the car, only the recharge time.

All things considered, people should, and therefore won't, take the view above. That even the most hardened, closed minded climate sceptics should be ready to acknowledge the undeniable benefits of renewable sources, and everything else written in that lovely little quote up there.

Reality? People continue to ignore it, do nothing, exist as sheep-like, ignorant entities and will in a few years, end up swimming to work when the sea level rise reaches London.

-Neop (Is buying shares in raft making companies)

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