Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The actual point

Having gone to great lengths to excuse myself of producing this wholesome and fruity collection of words, I feel I should now explain what I'm going to do with my little patch of megabytes.
In case the title wasn't obvious, I'm endeavouring to rid my existence of that pesky human ailment know as boredom. Somehow, despite every little distraction, hobby, or past time available to us, everyone still manages to get bored.
Which is very probably the reason you're there, sitting at your little polycarbonate computing devices, reading this in the first place.
At any rate, this Blag, serves the purpose of number a) providing me with somewhere to vent my brain cells in the event that I feel the slow, tingly onset of boredom (not to be mistaken with herpes); and letter 2) to post, with no disregard to public safety, the fruits of my non-typing related boredom extermination techniques (for example, the previous post).
Actually, regarding said post, for those of you who are too motivationally-deficient to operate the motor neurones in your primary digits to manoeuvre the cursory component of your graphical user interface in order to interact with the afore-presented hyper-connecting intertubes device, I offer you lackadaisical assemblage, a visual representation of the product of this progression of actions below this line of verbiage:
[translation from Pretentious Speak: "if you couldn't be bothered to click the link, here's the picture". I enjoy being awkward.]

As you can see, this is a MASSIVE origami crane. It was made this afternoon in a fit of enthusiasm between myself and a fellow physicist (and part time sexual degenerate). Thanks for the help!
It's made of 51 sheets of A4 (we had to halve some to make a square) which were taped into a 3m by 3m square which JUST about fitted on my floor. That part took two hours. The folding was mostly ok and was just a case of squaring up everything!
Anyway, we've named her Tiffany and if you're very nice, she'll let you play with her.

For a small fee.