Sunday, 1 February 2009


If you're extremely quiet, you'll be able to faintly hear a murmur of disbelief from the select few who have been exposed to my previous rants on blogging.
These two (or maybe three) individuals, will no doubt be asking if I've shamelessly abandoned my principles and started my own little patch on the interwebs, where I can "vomit the contents of my conscience on to those daft enough to read it".
In short, yes.
What then possessed this deplorable lapse of integrity?
Mostly, if not entirely, boredom. Beyond that it was an insatiable need to share with anyone who will willingly listen, my sporadically distributed and largely aggressive bursts of concentrated thought. I have no idea if anyone will be interested, but the intention is there.
Unfortunately, I'm well aware that a man's life is measured by his impact rather than his intentions, otherwise surely George W. Bush would have received far less criticism. So the future will determine whether this is a pointless exercise or a fruitful jaunt down the main street of the capital city of Blogdom.
And with that unnecessarily annoying metaphor, I believe an introduction is in order.

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