Sunday, 1 February 2009

An Introduction, in order.

I'm a 19 year old Physics student, in my first year at the University of Southampton.
As such, I write to you from the desk of my poorly lit, inadequately heated student room on a particularly dull Sunday, when all my friends have simultaneously decided that they can't be bothered to socialise.
Incidentally, if you know me, the following will possibly prove uninteresting or even, to your mind, inaccurate. If this is the case, please find something better to do :)

I think sometimes the best way to give an impression of who somebody is, is to compare them to a social group (or alternatively to someone you already know). As yet, I've been unable to find a suitable category, and therefore cannot offer this useful tool. The problem is this.
Inherently, I should be a geek. I am after all, on the internet typing a blog (although it should be noted that you are reading said blog- what do you consider yourself to be?). The fact that I study physics only helps to amplify this. Most Universities now require geekiness alongside grades for most science subjects. Anyway the criteria for this position is met in my interest in things like, science, aircraft, sci-fi, the use of legible sentences, and xkcd. However, I find myself now deliberately going out of my way to go against this (rather unflattering) stereotype on an all too frequent basis.
Firstly, I categorically will not be involved in Cosplay of any kind. The idea of dressing up as a fictional, highly anatomically-incorrect anime character and frolicking with like-minded "people" pretending that I don't resemble a mentally deficient toddler, is at best, laughable. Star Trek dress up falls into the same category. I don't see why I should pay thirty-four British Pounds Sterling to lose my dignity when I could do so just as easily by hitting the pubs with no clothes at all. This second method also carries the advantage that people tend to avert their eyes, rather than stare at you.
I digress.
My point is that there are so many character traits and activities considered 'geeky' which I find dull or ridiculous, that it can't really suffice as my "social label". Thankfully.
Then there's dress sense.
A goth, is easily distinguished by his/her striking black attire, long boots, multiple chains and leather jackets, frequently layered over T-Shirts/hoodies adorned with logos for Opeth, Lamb of God, Slayer, etc. etc. Not that there's anything WRONG with this. I find goths to be among the nicest members of the social sub-cultures and have many friends who share this look.
Again, however, the same can't really be said for what I wear. Please, if you think otherwise, say so.
My usual outfits, consist of some vaguely uninteresting trousers, or jeans, either grey, blue or black. NEVER tight. I value my fertility.
Nothing interesting so far...
Top half consists mainly of black t-shirts with various logos including Atticus, Give It A Name, and some pretty cool abstract white patterns in spikey shapes.
Normally this is finished off with some kind of dark, or black shirt with sleeves rolled up worn open over the top.
I would never be naive enough to make a point of how "individual" I am, for fear of sounding like every other self absorbed, whiney teenager in the western world. My point is simply that to my mind, I don't fit any prescribed category. A lot of people don't. And that's probably a good thing.

At this point you've hopefully gained a vague idea of how I dress. In case you haven't, try scrolling up a few lines to that gratuitously over-detailed section immediately above this. Aesthetically then, you need only add that I'm 6'2", slim, am male and have shortish dark (nearly black) hair to form the exact likeness of me in your mind.
Or alternatively, to form the image of Jimmy Carr.
At any rate, I'm not looking for a date.

I'm rapidly running out of willpower to stay awake, and will therefore usher in the conclusion of this soliloquy.
In short then, I'm quite loud, outspoken, opinionated, sarcastic, sometimes pessimistic, opportunistic and have a pet hate for bad grammar. 
I also enjoy writing bizarrely structured internet articles in the hope that someone will eventually read them and by immediately struck by how strange they are.

Thanks for helping with that.

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