Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Post!

Hey hey.
Please excuse my slight tardiness with this latest post- my laptop was getting a shiny new keyboard cover; which turned out to mean a shiny new keyboard, and trackpad as well. And they cleaned it! Lovely people at the Apple Store.
Speaking of which, here's a fairly worthless exercise.
Visit the Windows homepage, then the Apple homepage.
Noticed how they're (aside from colour) pretty much exactly the same layout? Yes folks, it seems that Microsoft can no longer even design a webpage without stealing ideas... For more evidence, check out the garish new Windows 7 (lovely name). They have these cool new features like a sort of... place where you have application icons and little "stack" like arrangements for folders... as I understand it. Except... Mac OS X has had that since the last version.
I'm going to stop this. I'm never going to convince anyone just by typing over the web. Seriously, get to an Apple store and try one if you want and [SHUT UP!]




Better change the subject.
Tiffany the paper crane has had some more outings. She's sadly looking a bit worse for wear now. At any rate:

I did have one more photo, however Blogger seems to hate me now, and won't let me upload another one. The picture on the right shows our favourite paper project sitting proudly atop the front desk of a lecture theatre. We got many an odd look from other people but the important thing is it was FUN. And most of all, I don't think I'll forget it. That's what good time use is about- doing things you enjoy and won't forget!
Anyway, speaking of such things I'm off to watch Top Gear.


  1. What was Tiffany's lecture on, if I may ask? The importance of paper in 21st century literatur? No, wait, that would be my lecture X)

    PS: Rate, wer hier deinen Blog liest :P

  2. :)
    Lol. It was Energy and Matter, not exactly inspiring. I think it contributed to her wilting!

    ps: ich hab keine ahnung!