Thursday, 19 February 2009

Good Evening. Here is the news.

Strangely enough, on this most auspicious of nights (quoth a certain masked freedom fighter), I seem to have little to rant about.
Or chat about, generally. 
Certainly there are obvious things, like the weather, the holding deposit I've just sorted for a house, and worldly matters such as how Gordon Brown is still an angry Scottish primate with an IQ in double figures.
Sadly the above topics, I fear, are boring, boring, and obvious respectively, and thus do not lend themselves to riveting evening literature.
In light of this deficiency of dialect, I present instead a selection of photographs taken by me in moments of inspired boredom. Hope you like them :)
Oh also, I find this EXTREMELY unlikely, but please don't copy them without asking (copyright etc etc. blah blah snore snore sneeze yawn snore)
Two Grob Tutors at RAF Benson. Reminds me of the sheer awesomeness of flying.

Clouds spilling up out of a valley on La Gomera (canary islands)

Sunset from a mountaintop in Austria

A very ominous photo in my garden at home.

My favouristest photo. This is, inarguably, better than any of the postcards on sale at the tower. 

Hope those were mildly interesting. I haven't taken any proper photos in ages but I should really go back to it...

Also, for those of you interested in blogging yourself, this window I'm typing in is pretty hopeless for sorting out images in. Imagine trying to put up a collage whilst looking through a letter box.

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